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In the spring of 2018, the design staff for Encores! was gracious enough to allow ETC's Victor Seastone to record the headset conversations during tech of the New York City Center Encore's Me and My Girl. The goal of this project was to allow listeners to program along (on an ETC Eos family system) in real time with a Broadway lighting designer in a professional production environment. The series is broken into 13 episodes, which start as Ken begins the plotting process and end after dress rehearsal. While very valuable as a training tool for programmers, it is also a good way to eavesdrop on the production process with an acclaimed designer and his team. As Ken says in the intro, it is the musical theatre equivalent of a competition cooking show - and you have eight hours of content. Fast-paced and increasingly intense, the recordings are entertaining in their own right - Nancy Pittelman, her stage management team and the lighting crew are masters in their kitchen.

So come take a listen via ETC's On Headset Series:
ETC's OnHeadset Series

Many thanks to Ken Billington, City Center, Encores! and the entire crew.