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HAIR opened the brand new Public Theatre on October 17, 1967.
From there it moved to the Cheetah, a discoteque on 53rd Street and Broadway for 45 performances.
After some additional reworking of the show, it opened on Broadway at the Biltmore Theater on April 29, 1968.
The production was directed by Tom O'Horgan and choreographed by Julie Arenal, with set design by Robin Wagner, costume design by Nancy Potts, and lighting design by Jules Fisher.

We have two video interviews that were conducted by Beverly Emmons in 1995.
One is of Jules Fisher looking back at the collaborative creation of the production.
The other is of Gus Popiel who ran the "boards" for the show.
Gus was a head electrician for many productions on Broadway and we were given his theatre survey notebook. It lists the names and cities of theatre he worked in as well as notes relevant to his work (theater dimensions, equipment in house, whether it had a Hemp or a Counterweight (Ctwt or CW) fly system, etc.)

The lighting papers for HAIR are all held at the New York Public Library, and were once part of the lightingDB.NYPL.org